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Step 2

Determine if you will buy another home or rent.

Proceed to that checklist.

Step 1

Contact an agent to determine

what your best list price is, how to market your property, local factors and conditions that pertain to your property, regulations, and more.


Step 6

Contact contractors if needed.  Then move over to Step 7.

Step 5

Secure insurance

Step 4

Schedule an inspection.

Step 3

Work with your agent to submit an offer that fits your needs (loan requirements,  move in date, inspection negotiations, and more).

Step 2

Contact a lender for preapproval

Step 1

Learn about our market.  What can you expect to get in various price ranges.  A realtor will help you through everything below and more.

Step 9

After getting settled find ways to Get Involved, fun Events, and What's Local.

What's Local

Step 8

Register for school if needed.

Step 7

Set up utilities & change of address


Step 2

Don't forget rental insurance.

Step 1

Rental, apartment, & landlord info is available at Lincoln Realty

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Settle In

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Step 9

There are many ways to get involved in our community, check them out.

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